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Ben Kozuch, conference chairperson of NAB Post|Production World Conference, is also the president and co-founder of Future Media Concepts, the nation’s premier digital media training organization for editing, motion graphics, web development, and sound design. Kozuch holds a BA in Engineering from Tel Aviv University and is a graduate of the Air Force Academy as a fighter pilot. He holds an MBA in International Business from the European School of Management in Paris.

All-New Sessions and
Topics for 2006

If there's one thing Ben Kozuch values above all else, it's producing conference sessions that provide attendees with practical information they can use immediately to enhance their productivity. He's also a strong believer in producing conferences that don't rely on recycled information from previous years.

Given those guiding principles, it's understandable why, in just two years time, the NAB Post|Production World Conference has become one of the most successful conferences at the NAB show. It's also the reason why Kozuch is confident that anyone who attended last year's NAB Post|Production World Conference will be delighted by what they find at this year's conference.

“All of the sessions at this year's conference have been completely refreshed,” says Kozuch, the conference chairperson and president and co-founder of Future Media Concepts (FMC). “None of the content is the same. In addition, we have several new tracks, twice as many certification classes as before, and a new NAB Podcasting Summit that's already proving to be immensely popular.”

First introduced at NAB2004, the NAB Post|Production World Conference was developed by NAB in partnership with FMC, the nation's premier digital media training center. Geared primarily at intermediate and advanced users, the conference provides in-depth instructional sessions that help postproduction professionals enhance their creative, technical and business skills. This year the conference offers more than 200 sessions divided into 16 different tracks, making it easily the largest postproduction educational conference in the world.

In its first year, the conference attracted 1,200 attendees. Last year it attracted 1,400. This year, given the rave reviews offered by past attendees, that growth is expected to continue. And to help encourage past attendees to come back again, the conference is even offering special alumni pricing and special alumni gift packs.

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