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Creative Expert Episode 15: Video Slideshows with Apple Aperture 3

In this episode of Creative Expert, Franklin goes over how to create slideshows for clients in Aperture 3 made from your digital stills


Creative Expert Episode 14: Using Adobe Bridge with After Effects

In this episode of Creative Expert, Franklin goes over how to use Adobe Bridge presets and effects to create dynamic new additions to your After Effect projects

Canon EOS 7D Depth of Field Example 1

Contributing Editor Jan Ozer tests the Canon EOS 7D's depth of field

Apple Final Cut Pro Color Correction

Of all the skills necessary to successfully edit video, one of the most important is brightness and color correction

An Olympics Recap: How NBC, Microsoft, and Inlet Delivered a large Scale Live IIS Smooth Streaming Event

he live streaming of the Olympic Winter Games presented challenges of tremendous scale and complexity, ultimately delivering more than 45 million live streams. Online Olympics viewers enjoyed a vastly improved quality of experience—including the first Olympics to be streamed in HD—thanks to IIS Smooth Streaming....

Secrets of Field Recording in the Tapeless Era

This webcast focusing on HD field recorders, operational procedures, and workflow may not answer the riddle of the Great Sphinx, but it will sure put you on the right track for a better understanding of the monumental recording challenges we all face as competent, confident shooters in the 21st century....

Best practices for large live events online with Inlet Technologies & Adobe

Discover how interactive live streaming changes the way we think about live video online. High-definition video is used for broadcast, social media, and the enterprise....

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